The prestigious Zimbabwe Business Awards are the Hall mark and Premiere Business Awards in the Republic of Zimbabwe, A National Honour, A Celebration of Excellence, Inspiration and Success by Zimbabweans for Zimbabweans within the Zimbabwean business community that symbolise and celebrate Zimbabwean Business People.

The awards are hosted by the Zimbabwe Business Awards who are publishers of the Zimbabwe Business Magazine and the Zimbabwe Business Directory.

Purpose of Establishment & Functionality of the Zimbabwe Business Awards
  • To foster and nurture businesses in Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond;

  • To create a vibrant network of memberships, partnerships, associations and affiliations so as to expand our strategic business development alliances and support networks;

  • To acknowledge, celebrate, honour and award business people and business entities with business awards and various honors;

  • To facilitate participation in key global events where business people and business investors interact and engage one another;

  • To host and manage the Zimbabwe business awards annually;

  • Raising and acquisition of funds from any legitimate sources and disbursement of these towards the furtherance of its objectives;

  • Developing and strengthening partnerships with Governments, Civil Society, Private Sector, Business partners and other Global Business Support Organizations on common areas of interest;

  • To publish, print and distribute the Zimbabwe Business Magazine and the Zimbabwe Business Awards Magazine;